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The hinge door has an adjustable lift-off hinge, making installation and removal easy.

The night latch feature indicates when the door is locked – the handle is in a vertical position.

Infinity hardware by Trend Windows and Doors

Trend Windows and Doors has released its new patented  Infinity hardware range. The Infinity range is now available on all Trend’s Crestlite, Quantum, Synergy, Trend thermAL and timber window and door product ranges.

Trend’s Infinity hardware has a modern architectural appearance, and features contemporary clean lines, enhanced with functionality features across the various windows and doors designs and styles.

The Infinity door hardware has been designed to accommodate the larger, heavier Trend hinged and sliding door panels. Both the hinge door and bifold door have a patented internal night latch handle, which has been designed with safety in mind. The door can be locked from the inside without using a key, but to gain access from the outside a key is required to open the lock.

An extra feature in the door hardware range is that the bifold, sliding and hinge door can be keyed alike.