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Secura interior flooring removes the need for full-floor waterproofing outside enclosed showers.

The product is heavy-duty but lightweight.

Scyon Secura interior flooring from James Hardie

Scyon Secura™ interior flooring is a heavy-duty but lightweight structural flooring substrate that does double duty. It can be easily used for tile, vinyl and carpet finishes over timber or steel floor joists in both residential general interiors and wet areas. It can also be used as a substrate for the direct fixing of tiles, vinyl and carpet in residential floors and wet areas, as an alternative to particle board, plywood or compressed fibre cement.

The moisture-resistant sealer on all sides, combined with the moisture-resistant properties of Scyon, removes the need for full-floor waterproofing outside enclosed shower areas. And unlike some timber products, tiles and vinyl can be directly fixed without the need for an underlay sheet.

Secura™ interior flooring has a 10-year product warranty when installed and maintained correctly, and is now available in a new thickness of 22 mm (in a sheet size of 2400 mm × 600 mm), and a new sheet size of 1800 mm × 900 mm × 19 mm.