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The Black Krystal OMF9022 oven has fifteen cooking functions.

Black Krystal OMF9022 oven by Kleenmaid

The beautiful Black Krystal OMF9022 oven by Kleenmaid sets a new standard in size and functionality. It’s big enough to cook six family-size pizzas at the one time, due to the new 90 cm × 60 cm format. The OMF9022 has a capacity of 133 litres.

It has 15 cooking functions, including a meat probe, rotisserie and special settings for pizza and bread, and even has a setting to turn the oven into a slow cooker.

The oven enamel in the OMF9022 is nickel free, non-toxic and Oleophobic, meaning it repels oil, making the oven a dream to keep clean.