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Cemintel Aspect Cladding provides a modern aesthetic, and it won’t rot or corrode.

Cladding panels from CSR Cemintel

Cemintel has launched Cemintel Aspect Cladding and Cemintel Mosaic. Both are lightweight, low-maintenance panels that are stylish, yet understated enough to enhance a range of designs.

The 300-mm-wide Aspect Cladding is complemented by a 16-mm horizontal shiplapped joint, providing a modern aesthetic that would look great on a range of home designs. Manufactured from fibre cement, the boards won’t rot, burn, corrode or be subject to permanent water damage. Cemintel Mosaic combines modern, geometric expressed joint aesthetic with the ease of installation of an advanced lightweight fibre cement panel and batten system. The flat, smooth surface is suitable for many forms of decorative finishes.