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The VersiWall green wall from KHD looks great and is easy to install.

VersiWall green wall from KHD

After supporting green walls for over 10 years, KHD Landscape Engineering Solutions is seeing a very strong trend in the market for green wall specifications. With this in mind, KHD recently added the VersiWall from Elmich to its Green Wall range. VersiWall is an affordable, easy-to-install green wall that is suitable for both commercial and domestic applications.

The main component of the VersiWall is the VersiPot, which is hooked directly on VersiWall Mounting Panels, welded mesh or steel rods. An anti-lift arm prevents the VersiPot from being accidentally dislodged. There is no need for additional bolts or clips.

Excess water flows into the underlying VersiPot or drains away. Irrigation pipes can be concealed neatly between and towards the rear of the VersiPot.