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Keep blinds clean and looking good with WAREMA’s self-cleaning finish.

WAREMA self-cleaning blinds from Shade Factor

To help keep venetian blinds looking good and working at maximum efficiency, WAREMA has introduced a self-cleaning finish to its range.

EcoClean coating includes titanium dioxide, which acts as a photocatalyst that energizes electrons when the sun’s UV rays fall on the slats. The electrons then react with water vapour in the air to produce the oxidizers that break down any organic matter on the slats. Finally rain, drizzle or mist then washes this material off the super-hydrophillic slat surface.

The coating neither wears down nor is consumed, and the photocatalytic effect stays constant throughout its service life. EcoClean is initially available in four colours: RAL 9006 (silver), RAL 9007 (silver grey), RAL 9016 (white) and DB703 (charcoal). It is available in other colours on a project basis.