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Asko’s Duo Fusion cooktop features a Fusion Volcano Wok burner and four induction zones.

Duo Fusion cooktop by Asko

The Asko Duo Fusion has been recognized with a coveted 2015 Good Design Award for excellence in design and innovation.

The Asko Duo Fusion is a 90-cm cooktop that combines two energy sources – a 57-cm induction cooktop (electric) and a 33-cm gas wok burner. These two cooking elements are combined into one piece of 6-mm ceramic glass. The cook can concentrate on the wok, while letting one of the auto programs on the induction cooktop take care of simmering the sauce.

The Asko Duo Fusion is unique in that it allows the user to experience true wok cooking but also have the speed, safety and precision of induction cooking.