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Adbri Masonry’s Euro® Pavers are a premium flooring solution that can be used to enhance architectural designs.

Euro® Pavers are ideal for use with pod support systems in pedestrian applications.

Euro Pavers by Adbri Masonry

Adbri Masonry is a leading Australian masonry manufacturer, supplying quality bricks, Besser® Blocks, pavers and retaining walls to architects throughout the country. Adbri Masonry is a wholly owned subsidiary of Adelaide Brighton, an ASX 100-listed company.

With the increase in multiresidential and highrise commercial buildings, the use of “pod” support flooring systems has grown in popularity for balcony and rooftop applications. Adbri Masonry’s Euro® Pavers are a premium flooring solution and are optimal for use on pod systems in pedestrian applications.

The use of pods is ideal where drainage is needed as they allow paving units to be supported over the waterproof membranes that are typically applied in these applications, while also providing easy access to services underneath the pavement. There is a growing desire to create living spaces in previously underutilized areas like rooftops, and the proven performance of Euro® Pavers and Adbri Masonry’s in-house engineering expertise can support architectural paving projects.

Euro® Pavers come in multiple colour, size and texture options, allowing for the easy creation of custom designs that enhance architectural projects with stunning details in any environment.