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A section of the R-47 Threshold Drain, showing how the open side entry point allows water to be carried from the door track into the drainage channel.

The considered design of Aquabocci’s R-47 Threshold Drain allows it to be seamlessly integrated into contemporary architectural projects.

The EPDM membrane and open side entry point of the Aquabocci R-47 Threshold Drain.

The evolution of Aquabocci drainage systems

Innovative, customizable threshold drains for interior and exterior architectural projects

Aquabocci has a significant focus on design. Built to exacting standards, every component of Aquabocci drainage systems is there for one reason – to create drainage systems like no other.

One of the most popular drainage systems is the Aquabocci R-47 Threshold Drain. It was during a chance meeting in London that the spark was first ignited to create this innovative system.

Aquabocci was engaged to supply the drainage systems throughout a new residential project in Kensington. The architect had designed stone slabs to flow from the home’s interior to the exterior, with the door track recessed into the slabs. However, the project contractor believed that the water from the door track weep holes would finish up inside the house, causing the timber floorboards to lift. He had seen it happen before.

Local regulation required that all flush-finish door tracks have a drainage point that carries water away from the door track into an actual drain. For the next 10 months the Aquabocci team developed an off-the-shelf product that would address this issue and appeal to the design community. The challenge was to catch water from the weep holes in the bottom of the door track, which can be anywhere between 40 mm and 70 mm below finished floor level. 

Aquabocci created the R-47 Threshold Drain, which has an open side entry point that allows the water to be carried from the door track into the drainage channel.

Aquabocci products represent an outstanding level of design and function. They are playful but functional, and are designed to be customized to specific project requirements.

There are six main features that make Aquabocci stand out: zero-threshold drainage with a double entry point, drainage systems in a great range of colours, customizable designs, innovative syphonic shower systems, drains that won’t rust or corrode in saltwater or chlorine environments, and WunderGrip CSIRO non-slip surfaces available in all Aquabocci colours.

Aquabocci produces the non-slip finish WunderGrip, which is the only CSIRO R-13 rated drainage system available in Australia. The WunderGrip finish has been successfully installed in more than 150 healthcare and aquatic projects nationally.

Aquabocci creates stylish drainage solutions for bathrooms, bifold track doors, swimming pools, balconies and driveways. The company has seen unprecedented growth over the past two years, as new product development and marketing have created more awareness and introduced designers to a new product range. It has also launched a new online store, available through the Aquabocci website.

To order a free print catalogue simply fill out the enquiry card or visit the Aquabocci website.