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A beautiful bath installed with the Aquabocci S66 drain in ‘Titanium’ with the WunderGrip R-13 non-slip finish.

The Aquabocci A30 Channel drain in ‘GT Silver’ with the WunderGrip R-13 non-slip finish, installed seamlessly around a swimming pool.

The Aquabocci double blade installed with the WunderGrip R-13 non-slip finish.

Aquabocci WunderGrip R-13 non-slip drain

Discover Aquabocci’s colourful range of revolutionary, low-profile drainage products

Revolutionary drainage products
A drainage system should do more than carry water to the outlet – it should be a design element that is versatile and functional. At the core of every Aquabocci product is a specialized drainage system that has been designed for a specific purpose – draining a door track, a shower or even an overflow swimming pool.

Aquabocci’s uncompromising originality has won international acclaim, with many installations completed on high-end projects around the globe.

A timeless linear design and bold colour selection is consistent throughout the entire product range. The result is a brilliant blend of form and function that looks back to the straight lines of the 1980s and forward to the latest trends of today’s ever-changing designs.

The drainage grates have been designed in three widths: 22 mm, 66 mm and 120 mm. Each grate can be used on up to four different channels, meaning architects, designers and specifiers can get the look they want as well as the function that is required.

Aquabocci has an impressive range of accessories that make installation fast and easy. The playful component system allows installers to create continuous runs and locate the drainage outlet anywhere along the channel. The grates also feature a 4-mm heel guard safe slot, which adds to their refined yet tough, industrial character.

Aquabocci WunderGrip finish
Aquabocci WunderGrip is a non-slip finish available in Aquabocci custom colours. The process involves treating the surface of the grate to create a textured finish with a CSIRO R-13 slip rating. Once this process is complete, the grates are anodized to 25 microns to ensure that they are resistant to corrosion. Aquabocci products won’t rust or corrode when installed near salt water or chlorine.

Designed for commercial and healthcare projects, the WunderGrip finish is available in four custom Aquabocci colours: Titanium, Matt Black, GT Silver and Champagne. Additional RAL and Anolok colours are available on request.

An alternative to the WunderGrip finish is Aquabocci’s standard smooth finish and the new Bling range on Aquabocci shower systems, now available in Australia.

Aquabocci installations
The Aquabocci R-13 WunderGrip finish has been used in many commercial installations. Recent projects featuring Aquabocci drainage products include AquaPulse and Encore Events Centre in Wyndham, Melbourne (specified by DWP Suters); Bupa Aged Care Bellarine in Newcomb, Victoria (specified by Jackson Teece); and 888 Collins Street, Melbourne (specified by Lend Lease). Keep an eye out for more of the Aquabocci WunderGrip finish – there are many outstanding projects currently underway.