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The Cotto Glazed tiles in Espresso create a distinctive wall feature. Photograph: Martina Gemmola.

Cotto terracotta tiles from Eco Outdoor

Eco Outdoor’s Cotto range of terracotta tiles are produced with traditional techniques and methods, with a look and feel that is authentic to the nature of the material.

With earthy tones, rough edges, colour variations and highly valued imperfections, Cotto tiles have an appealing, lived-in look that normally comes with age and wear. They are available in a variety of colours, textures and sizes and are well suited to indoor and outdoor use. The range also includes two variations of traditional handmade Moroccan glazed tiles.

Cotto terracotta tiles are a modern take on an age-old material. They revive the authenticity and craftsmanship traditionally associated with terracotta and pave indoor and outdoor spaces with character and tactility.