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Blundstone Arena, Bellerive, recently redeveloped by DWP Suters and Artas Architects for Cricket Tasmania, features the new Ampelite Lexan ThermoClick sheet system.

The sheets enable good light transmission and light diffusion.

The new Ampelite Lexan ThermoClick sheet system enables the creation of architecture that is visually striking and practical.

Lexan ThermoClick sheet system by Ampelite

Effective, efficient and striking cladding and facades

Cladding and facades have an important influence on the character of a building. As the cost of heating and cooling increases, architects and designers are prompted to look for new alternatives to increase energy efficiency. The new Ampelite Lexan™ ThermoClick™ sheet system is efficient, effective and striking.

Lexan™ ThermoClick™ sheet system products are mainly used in profile-free facade applications. They are made up of 40-mm-thick, UV-protected, multiwall sheet panels with a profiled tongue-and-groove connection. This interlocking system eliminates the need for vertical profiles, reducing costs and enhancing aesthetics as a result. 

The system is ideal for use on building facades, cladding and interior separation walls. The panels are easy, simple and fast to install, and have excellent energy efficiency. They are lightweight, with exceptional rigidity and thermal insulation.

ThermoClick™ is ideal for applications such as cladding and facades on houses, commercial buildings, shopping centres, office buildings and factories. ThermoClick™ can not only help reduce heating and cooling costs, but can also cut energy usage and CO2 emissions to benefit the environment.

High-performance Lexan™ ThermoClick™ offers new ways to meet demands for increased energy efficiency in living and working environments. These new products also allow designs that are visually striking and yet extremely practical. Furthermore, the low-maintenance end product can help to resist rust, rot and warping. Installation costs can be kept low as each product is designed using custom-made configurations for fast, on-site assembly. 

With specially designed tongue-and-groove connection, Lexan™ ThermoClick™ sheet in a 40-mm thickness offers high-impact resistance and very high thermal insulation, leading to energy savings. This interconnecting system, including a groove for a double-sided tie on the inside, eliminates the need for vertical profiles, thereby saving costs and enhancing aesthetics. The improved fix-key section connection can provide better loading performance compared to the previous design.

Lexan™ ThermoClick™ sheet in 40 mm offers a unique five-wall X-structure, a UV-protected outer surface, good light transmission and diffusion characteristics, improved loading performance, excellent thermal insulation with a U-value of 1.2 W/m2K, high impact strength, and fast and easy installation.