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P40 pergola awning from Shade Factor

P40 is a large-spanning pergola awning beautifully designed to provide retractable weather protection for outdoor entertaining areas. P40 provides protection from both sun and rain over areas up to 6,500 mm wide and projections of up to 7,000 mm. The maximum area for a single awning is 32.5 m2.

The fabric is kept in tension via a flat spring Secudrive® drive system concealed within the guide rails. This operating principle results in no light gap at the edges and ends when extended. The drive system also ensures that the awning always draws square, accurately and smoothly, with optimal fabric tension.

The side rails can be straight or optionally curved, and a third option combines the two for a straight guide with a curved end for clean water run-off. This awning can be left extended in the rain provided it is angled at least 15 degrees from horizontal.