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The Stoddart Dyson Air Basin allows users to wash and dry their hands without any contact.

A complete bathroom solution from Stoddart, including a stainless steel toilet, disability compliant grab rail, sink, utility shelf and towel dispenser.

Stainless steel plumbing fixtures by Stoddart

Stoddart stainless steel plumbing fixtures are designed and made in Australia with durability and ease of installation and service in mind. The company has earned a reputation for quality workmanship in the plumbing industry and its products are widely used in a range of commercial applications.

Stoddart has over 50 years’ experience in the manufacturing industry and is a foundation member of the Australian Stainless Steel Development Association. Stoddart’s workforce of more than 400 staff makes the company a great partner for major infrastructure projects, and its flexible manufacturing processes allow Stoddart’s team of tradespeople to embrace individual requirements and deliver products that are tailored to specific projects.