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The Titan Twin-Point Handle from CiiLOCK Engineering features multi-award-winning locking technology.

Titan Twin-Point Handle from CiiLOCK Engineering

It’s easy to get carried away with the relaxed lifestyle that bifold doors enable. In those inevitable moments when the key is mistakenly left in the lock, the clever technology behind the Titan Twin-Point Handle ensures there is no damaged panels or keys.

Operated with a swift “lift and turn” manoeuvre of the slimline lever, the key cylinder intuitively retracts when the door is unlocked and opened, perfectly nesting both handle and key between the panels and allowing a smooth concertina without any hindrance caused by locking hardware.

Available in a stunning collection of designer finishes, the stylish Titan Twin-Point Handle enhances the luxuries of bifold doors with the comfort of damage-proof locking.