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Tractile’s solar roofing can be installed on roofs with pitches ranging from five to 90 degrees.

The roofing combines high-performance composite materials with solar technology.

Solar roofing by Tractile

Tractile’s solar energy-embedded roofing is a four-in-one combination of composite roof tile, insulation, electricity and a hot water system in an architecturally appealing, seamlessly integrated package.

Patented interlocking tiles, high-performance composite materials and solar technology contribute to a sleek roofing solution that offers design flexibility, durability and sustainability. Developed for Australia, Tractile is lightweight, easy to install and can suit a pitch as shallow as five degrees and as steep as 90 degrees. It weighs less than a quarter of some concrete tiles and is 4.5 times more sustainable than concrete and steel in terms of total environmental impact. It also has greater impact resistance and greater live load capacity than steel or concrete. Tractile can withstand 300 km/h winds with a standard installation and has the highest residential bushfire rating possible, BAL-40. 

With its sleek appearance, sustainability credentials and innovative technology, Tractile solar roofing is designed to offer architects, builders and homeowners a serious roofing alternative. Design options are almost limitless, as the roof is available in personalized colours and customized profiles.