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Lehenga by LEN features an uneven conical form, which is unusual for side and coffee tables.

Lehenga side and coffee table from Stylecraft

Designed by Melbourne designer Helen Kontouris for LEN, Lehenga is a distinctive side and coffee table inspired by Indian dance. It takes its design cues from traditional Indian Lehenga skirts, capturing the movement of the Garba dance in a functional, contemporary furniture piece. 

The table provides a pop of colour among modular seating arrangements or in areas where more neutral pieces are used.Like its namesake skirt, the table is also very functional; it is useful as a convenient place to hold small items, books or drinks. Just as Lehenga skirts are flexible and conform to any body type, the Lehenga tables are easy to integrate into almost any room and can easily be moved to accommodate new seating arrangements.