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Sustainably harvested timber by Tasmanian Timber

Where strength meets beauty. Tasmanian timber is a product of unparalleled beauty. Locally and sustainably grown and harvested, each piece is the result of generations of innovation. This unique and versatile timber is strong, workable and rich in character. Crafted by trusted leaders in the industry, it meets the highest standards in quality and environmental practice.

Known for its enduring quality, versatility and ability to take a range of finishes, Tasmanian timber is perfect for the everyday, from floors to fittings, as well as works of art and custom furniture pieces.

From creamy whites and pale pinks to deep golden browns and reds, our timber varies in hues, densities and strengths. Tasmanian Oak, Blackwood, Celery Top Pine and Myrtle – each species tells a story expressed in its own unique style.