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USG Boral’s Sheetrock Dust Control can reduce the volume of respirable airborne dust created on building sites.

Sheetrock Dust Control by USG Boral

Airborne hazards in the workplace, including dust, have been associated with the development of a wide range of respiratory diseases in Australia. The volume of respirable airborne dust created on building sites during sanding can be reduced with Sheetrock Dust Control joint compound
from USG Boral.

Tested to the USA’s National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety Method 0600, Sheetrock Dust Control produces respirable airborne dust at levels lower than the USA’s current Occupational Safety and Health Administration Permissible Exposure Limits (PELs), which are lower than the PELs set by Safe Work Australia. Working with USG Boral’s Dust Control joint compound helps to mitigate dust and adds an extra layer of protection on work sites.