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With its broad spectrum of colours and textures, the Studio collection of luxury vinyl tiles takes inspiration from the creative tools found in an artist’s studio.

Studio luxury vinyl tile collection from GEO Flooring

The new Studio luxury vinyl tile collection features two flooring design options – Tela and Colour – that are ideal for accentuating commercial interior spaces. Just as an artist’s studio holds all the creative tools necessary to create a masterpiece, the Studio collection can elevate any design vision with its chromatic colour options.

Tela, inspired by materials used in an artist’s studio, has a woven-look design and authentic texture that offer a neutral canvas for inspiring design freedom within interior spaces. Ranging from a palette of grey tones to expressive hue variations, Tela’s 10 colours are versatile, ultimately enhancing the design of any commercial space. Tela can be used as a full flooring installation or paired with other luxury vinyl designs for a unique mix-and-match. 

Colour, like a palette of paints used to create a work of art, offers 18 colour options designed to complement any flooring design. From bold oranges and red variations to cool blues and vivid greens, Colour thrives when used as an accent within a larger installation of luxury vinyl tile or plank designs.

The Studio collection can add personality to any space, used in a pattern layout or for wayfinding and isolating different spaces. It can also be used to enhance branding. With endless options that can be used as accents within a design, Tela and Colour are versatile solutions for any industry.