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The Kapu Minaral range of one-of-a-kind lampshades is only available at Koskela.

Kapu Minaral lampshade range by Koskela

Australian furniture, design and lifestyle brand Koskela is proud to launch a new collaborative social impact project: one-of-a-kind lampshades from a collaboration between Moa Arts and Koskela. Called Kapu Minaral (Beautiful Colours), the range is filled with the colour and exhilaration of the beautiful Torres Strait. Artistic inspiration is drawn from ancestral stories, totemic representation, and connections to sea, land, sky and family.

As a registered member of the Indigenous Art Code, Koskela is committed to preserving and promoting ethical trade in Indigenous art. Koskela gives its collaborators complete artistic freedom and is never prescriptive, allowing the weaver to determine what is woven on every frame.

Each lampshade is unique and often features local seedpods, shells, native fibres, rope and raffia, which embody and hold the country in them.