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Tasmanian Oak Classic Grade at ‘The Retreat’ at Pumphouse Point by Jaws Architects. Image: Adam Gibson.

Tasmanian Oak from Tasmanian Timber

Tasmanian Oak: available now and into the future. 

Tasmanian Oak is known for its warm and light colour palette and versatility of use – offering a pale elegance that endures superbly.

Tasmanian Oak is a product of exceptional beauty from a place like nowhere else. Our small island grows more than you ever imagined. Tasmanian Oak has been around for millennia and available as timber for over a century. And it will continue to be available for the next.

Here, a combination of magnificent wood and cutting-edge innovation has produced some of the finest timbers in the world. Crafted with premium processing techniques, it is beloved by architects, carpenters and furniture makers alike. Known for its enduring quality, versatility and ability to take a range of finishes, Tasmanian Oak is perfect for the everyday, from floors to fittings, as well as works of art and custom furniture pieces.

Most importantly, sustainable forest management practices ensure that it is available now and into the future.