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The outdoor Zaza sofa boasts King’s quality trademark frames.

A new outdoor furniture collection from King Living features a redesign of the iconic Zaza sofa.

Zaza outdoor sofa by King Living

King Living’s range of new outdoor pieces has been thoughtfully designed to suit Australia’s native climate and a variety of outside spaces, from small inner-city balconies to sprawling backyard areas. This season, new releases include the iconic King Living Zaza sofa, masterly crafted into an outdoor sofa.

The outdoor Zaza features the same contemporary design and modular flexibility as its indoor sister, sublime for warm days by the pool or for lounging on a sun terrace. Originally designed by the award-winning Charles Wilson, Zaza Outdoor keeps its enticing deep seats, elegant slender legs and adjustable arms and back, making it a most decadent lounging option.

The outdoor Zaza is available in King Living’s premium outdoor fabrics, all of which are resistant to UV rays, pool splashes and damaging coastal conditions, ensuring King Living furniture delivers long-term enjoyment and lasting visual appeal.

Combining meticulous craftsmanship, superior comfort and innovative design, the new collection truly hopes to inspire Australians to make the most of outdoor living.