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To increase options for designers and specifiers, Blum has developed the CLIP top BLUMOTION 125° hinge, which facilitates the mounting of thicker cabinet and furniture doors.

CLIP top BLUMOTION 125° hinge

As CLIP top BLUMOTION hinges become the industry norm, Blum’s range has expanded to include hinges to support the design industry in specialized applications that specifically cater to varied front thicknesses. The latest release from Blum is the CLIP top BLUMOTION 125° zero-protrusion hinge. The new hinge facilitates the mounting of thicker doors and can be used on a range of different materials from 25 mm up to 39 mm.

The new hinge is packed with all the benefits and functionality that come standard with any CLIP top BLUMOTION hinge. BLUMOTION soft-close has been seamlessly integrated into the hinge and designed to open and close with the highest quality of motion.

Regardless of the weight of the front or the closing speed, thanks to the integrated BLUMOTION, kitchen and furniture doors silently and effortlessly close. The modern technology for this specialized CLIP top BLUMOTION 125° hinge allows for greater opportunity in kitchen design whilst maintaining quality of motion for the lifetime of the kitchen or furniture.