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More than 200 chevron panels were finished in DecoUltra ZD to create a showstopping facade on DECO’s new display centre.

DecoUltra’s architectural anodised finishes offer a contemporary new look, including three bronze shades, for aluminium products.

DecoUltra ZD Hard Anodised finish by DECO

DECO Australia is synonymous with super-durable designer finishes, and the company’s new DecoUltra Anodised finishes are no exception.

Anodised aluminium’s metallic finish has been an architectural go-to for decades, but now DecoUltra ZD introduces an anodising “first” to the architectural and building industries. Using a unique, zero-degree “hard” anodising technology normally reserved for machine parts, aerospace, automotive and other engineering applications, DecoUltra ZD offers a harder and denser 30 μm thick aluminium oxide layer for superior durability, setting a new standard in architectural finish performance.

Particularly suited for marine and coastal areas with high-UV exposure as well as other harsh Australian environments, DecoUltra ZD is a suitable finish for facades, screenings and other monumental architectural applications requiring minimal maintenance. 

Along with ultimate endurance, DecoUltra’s ZD Hard Anodising offers a visually attractive effect with clever design aesthetics achieved through additional processes such as brushing, polishing or embossing. Architectural practice ClarkeHopkinsClarke most recently specified DecoUltra ZD on DECO’s newly opened Innovation Centre, designing a standout facade of over 200 brushed and anodised panels to create a striking motif of 1.5 m high aluminium chevrons.

“We instantly loved the new DecoUltra ZD finish and knew we had to really highlight its uniqueness on DECO’s new display centre. By brushing the chevron panels before anodising and then installing them in randomized directions, we were able to capture different light reflections and create a really interesting visual movement along the facade,” said lead architect Jordan Curran. 

And for those whose projects may not require the monumental durability that DecoUltra’s ZD Hard Anodising offers, DECO has also introduced a range of DecoUltra AD 15 μm and DecoUltra AD+ 25μm architectural anodised finishes, adding a whole new range that can be applied to the company’s existing selection of aluminium building products, including cladding and battens. 

The new DecoUltra anodising finishes are on display at the DECO Innovation Centre, along with DECO Australia’s extensive range of other architectural finishes. These finishes include the well-known Super Durable DecoWood powdercoating and new, realistic concrete- and rust-effect powdercoatings that are created using DECO’s advanced sublimation technology.

Also on display at the DECO Innovation Centre is a wide range of unique architectural products, such as their new timber-look DecoFloor aluminium floorboards, a “trackless” ceiling system that is non-combustible and acoustically rated, and DECO’s full range of non-combustible woodgrain cladding, decking, battens, screens and more. 

DECO’s new DecoUltra AD and ZD finishes are now available to be specified for a wide range of architectural designs and applications. Architects, specifiers and designers can find out more by viewing DECO’s website, visiting the stunning new DECO Innovation Centre or calling DECO’s expert team to discuss a project.