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Rainfinity’s large overhead and hand showers have contemporary surface finish colours and discreetly structured spray plates that add a textural layer to a modern bathroom colour palette.

Hansgrohe Rainfinity for design lovers

Available from Hansgrohe, the new Rainfinity shower range combines remarkable shower design with a personalized shower experience. Thanks to its innovative and slightly concave spray surface, the Rainfinity shower doesn’t just wet the head and shoulders from above but softly cascades over the entire body, enveloping it in thousands of droplets.

Rainfinity lets the users decide whether to keep their hair from getting wet: The innovative design does away with a traditional shower arm, allowing the tilt of the shower head to be adjusted to between 10° and 30°, ensuring a comfortable showering position that keeps the hair and face dry. Special jet types, including the micro-fine and ultra-quiet PowderRain jet, add a further indulgence to a daily shower ritual.

The extensive Rainfinity range offers many opportunities to create a shower based on user needs. Possibilities include a wall or ceiling installation, an overhead or hand shower, one or three spray modes and a showerhead with a classic design or a geometrical rod design.