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DecoBatten® QuickClick™ 50 × 80 mm radius battens and DecoWood® Curly Birch 50 × 50 mm square battens encompass award-winning property The Cove, Lilyfield, NSW. Construction: Micrah Projects. Photography: Ryan Linnegar Photography.

DecoBatten® offers flexibility for all types of projects and installations. The Barnard Street project features 46 × 25 mm DecoWood® Kwila battens. Designer: Daniel Lomma Design.

The changing face of Australia’s facades

DECO Australia is revolutionizing Australian architecture one batten at a time.

Batten facades are sweeping the nation, cementing their place as Australia’s must-have architectural feature. Their contemporary straight lines are being affixed across residential frontages and incorporated into commercial exteriors.

When it comes to design flexibility and complete customization, DecoBatten® timber-look aluminium battens by DECO are revolutionizing the way architects and designers incorporate battens into projects: from walls and garage doors
to ceilings and multi-storey facades.

DecoBatten® is made from lightweight, non-combustible aluminium, available in a range of widths and styles. Square battens provide a superior replacement to traditional timber, while dome-top radius battens offer a rounded, softer appearance and an additional sense of craftsmanship. The larger rectangular and angled battens allow complex designs, simply not achievable with traditional timber battens, to be brought to life.

The product’s two-piece QuickClick system not only allows for quick and easy installation, but also seamless fixings. Unsightly frames, supports and visible screws are a thing of the past, allowing clean, simple lines to shine.

Innovative accessories such as the one-of-a-kind SpaceBase ensure accurate spacing of battens across a facade, and allow battens to be placed directly over stud frames for a complete batten-look cladding system.

DecoBatten® utilizes DECO Australia’s Super Durable powdercoating and sublimation technology, providing a low-maintenance facade that will retain its appearance in Australia’s harsh conditions. Architects can choose from DecoWood®, the premium timber-look finish, for a traditional timber batten aesthetic. Alternatively, high-performance DecoCoat provides a superior solid colour finish, or DecoVogue’s concrete and corten steel rust-look finishes offer an industrial chic appeal.

DECO’s pick for 2022, however, is the DecoUltra anodized finish, for its metallic lustre and exceptional corrosion protection.

“Our aim is to gives architects what they have never had before – a completely customizable batten system. And this is what DecoBatten® delivers,” says DECO general manager Richard Hamber.

“With so many design and finish choices, DecoBatten® is taking the batten facade trend and opening it up to a whole new world of possibilities.”

Find out more about DecoBatten® online or contact DECO Australia to discuss your design specifications.