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Easy to clean and refill, VOLA’s RS11 hand sanitizer is resistant to fingerprints and available in the full range of 27 VOLA colours, including eight finishes from the Exclusive Colour Series.

VOLA’s sophisticated RS11 hand sanitizer

The humble hand sanitizer has become a ubiquitous object in commercial spaces – part of our everyday experience. Finding beauty in ordinary things, Danish tap manufacturer VOLA has given this important object a stylish enhancement, featuring the brand’s distinctive aesthetic and discreet elegance.

Designed by architect and designer Torben Madsen, the RS11 is available in three configurations – freestanding, wall-mounted and table-mounted – to suit any environment. It adapts to dispense hand sanitizer gel, foam or soap. Each configuration uses the same-sized, well-proportioned one-litre cylinder.

In keeping with VOLA’s design philosophy, the dispenser conceals all mechanical elements within a cylindrical body. Wall fixtures are also discreet, to create a seamless design that is timeless and instantly recognizable as a VOLA product.

Making longevity a key part of every VOLA product, all parts are easy to replace if necessary, to ensure years of use.

Elevating the experience of everyday touchpoints, VOLA’s RS11 is a testament to the enduring appeal and practicality of modern design and high-quality finishes.