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The Asko drying cabinet emulates outdoor conditions with high air flow and low heat.

Asko drying cabinet

The Asko drying cabinet is specially designed for domestic use and theres not much it cant dry everything from overalls, boots, shoes, coats and ski gear to damp sports wear, all dry in just two hours. For added versatility, there is a special rack on the inside of the door for hats and gloves.

Asko has taken a considered approach to its design, ensuring the cabinets suitability for all sorts of clothing items, whether large or small. The drying cabinet works by bringing the outside inside, with a high air flow and low heat, emulating similar conditions to an external clothes line. This makes it ideal for delicate silk and linen garments, which tend to crease if put in a tumble dryer. Business shirts can be hung within the cabinet to reduce creasing, while theres less chance of synthetics shrinking due to incorrect heat settings.

The spacious drying cabinet contains the equivalent of 16 metres of clothes line. Its the ideal solution for todays compact laundry.