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Centor Architectural - innovative technology, proven durability and stylish designs.

Centor Architectural - a leader in hardware solutions for bifolding doors.

Centor Architectural

Centor Architectural specializes in market-leading bifold systems, revolutionary screening solutions, the smoothest sliding hardware and a range of complementary components. Applying imagination and ingenuity from design through to manufacture, Centor’s innovative, highly functional hardware combines the finest materials, latest technology and most rigorous testing to ensure end-users get more from their built environment.

The innovation of Centor Architectural products is matched by the highest standards of durability and functionality. Centor’s minimum cyclic testing requirement for any released product is a gruelling 50,000 cycles without a single failure, and Centor makes a significant investment in corrosion testing, structural testing and finite element analysis for each piece of window and door hardware.

Utilizing stainless steel, brass, anodized aluminium and architectural-grade plastics in a range of finishes, Centor’s window and door hardware is as visually attractive as it is functional.

With systems and sizes suited to both residential and commercial applications, Centor Architectural is an innovator in top-hung bifold technology, offering effortless operation and laboratory-proven durability. Centor’s top-hung bifold range offers an alternative for every application – from the smallest folding window to four-metre-high walls of glass that fold away in seconds. Centor bifold systems have been used in the first external bifolding doors to reach exacting Miami-Dade County hurricane standards – they can be relied upon to create a formidable barrier against the elements, yet still glide open with finger-tip ease.

Centor’s ES2 Door Screen system is a superbly effective, world-first integrated insect-screening solution for bifold openings as large as three metres high and six metres wide. This stylish system integrates easily into Centor’s flexible E2 bifolding system. Uninterrupted views and unrestricted movement in the summer months need no longer be marred by flying pests. Used singly or paired together, Centor’s Door Screen units open living spaces to the great outdoors; the rest of the year they roll back out of view.

Load Balancing Technology™ (LBT™) (patent pending) enables the effortless fingertip control synonymous with Centor products. There’s no crude spring-loading to fight against, no cumbersome latches or locks – just a simple magnetic catch. A single hand can easily operate the ergonomically designed lead-stile. Let it go, and the screen glides smoothly to a stop, remaining firmly in the chosen position until further pressure is applied.

Load-balancing also means far greater mesh tension across the screen, eliminating any tendency for sag, while Tight Technology™ manufacturing techniques ensure control of the horizontal edges of the screen so they remain straight and tight across the widest spans. A built-in shock absorption system eliminates the risk of injury should a visitor accidentally step into the screen. In addition, the screen is designed to self-feed back onto the roll as it is rolled away, should it come loose from the top or bottom channels.

With the introduction of Centor’s new F3 system, designers and end-users now have the choice of a floor-rolling system that works every bit as well as Centor’s top-hung systems. The F3 system employs a low-profile sill with fully concealed hardware and a neat, durable seal system that looks great and keeps water, dirt and grit away from the carrier wheels. The complete range of vertical and lateral adjustment found in Centor’s E3 top-hung system has been incorporated in the new F3 floor-rolling system. The lateral adjustment has even been increased to 16 mm to accommodate a wider variety of applications. Vertical adjustment remains at a generous 10 mm.

With the Centor F3 floor-rolling system, bifold doors are now a viable option for a straightforward retrofit program. With no need for a structural header, it’s a simple matter of pulling out the existing sliding or French door set and fitting a folding door in its place.