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Decor Stone fan-shaped cobbles

In response to increasing trends towards recreating an old world European look and combining internal and external living areas, Dcor Stone introduces the new range of fan-shaped natural granite cobbles. The fan-shaped cobbles are 30 mm thick and come in interlocking pieces on mesh. This decorative stone solution saves money, time and labour. The labour-saving costs on installation compared with individually laid cobbles are considerable.

The fan-shaped cobbles are available in three different surface finishes flamed, tumbled and split in six unique colours light grey, yellow, dark grey, Putian black, pink quartz and Putian red. Clients can also choose two-toned pieces, where they can select from the six colours and create their own colour blends. Granite cobbles are an increasingly significant element in modern landscape designs and interior decor, due to the aesthetic appeal of natural stone and this products ability to revive the vintage charm of classical and medieval Europe.

Being a by-product from larger quarried granite pieces that would otherwise be discarded, these fan-shaped cobbles are also environmentally friendly.