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VersiJack LH paver and deck supports are suitable for pavers, beams and decking.

Elmich landscape engineering solutions

Elmich Australia offers a wide range of paver and decking support products that eliminate the use of sand and mortar beds, and brick and metal piers.

VersiPave GP lightweight paver supports have a height adjustment between 24 mm and 5 mm. Snap-in chocks on each quadrant allow 1 mm adjustment increments to cater for slab falls and paver thickness variation. The height can be extended to 150 mm using 10 mm and 30 mm extenders.

VersiJack stackable or telescopic screw jack pedestals are suitable for supporting pavers, beams and decking at heights ranging from 22 mm to 900 mm. Units incorporate a 0%-5% slope compensator and will support weight-bearing loads up to three tonnes.