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Swiss quality and neat designs have made KWC's Divo and Divo-Arco mixer ranges a popular choice.

KWC Divo and Divo-Arco tapware

Starion has introduced KWC's dynamic Divo and Divo-Arco to the Australian market. The designs are straightforward, elegant and discreet, with carefully crafted details such as the temperature colour ring. The uncomplicated mixer designs in the range have established KWCWC Divos reputation internationally.

The Divo and Divo-Arco ranges each consist of three products a swivel-spout mixer, a retractable-spout mixer, and a swivel-spout mixer with side lever. The Divo products have standard levers, while the Divo-Arco products feature loop levers. All Divo products have a four-star WELS rating to provide impressive savings in water consumption.

In both tapware ranges, the Swiss quality is evident the products are user friendly and ergonomically designed. The retractable sprays water flow can be adjusted depending on the application, simply by pressing or turning the knob.