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With a choice of perforations, AcoustiShield offers design creativity and acoustic performance.

Lafarge AcoustiShield plasterboard

Lafarge AcoustiShield is an innovative, high-performance perforated plasterboard that is ideal for meeting both noise reduction and design specifications. AcoustiShield is suitable wherever echoes become a problem, such as hallways, lobbies and open-plan areas.

With a noise-reduction coefficient up to 0.85 and easy one-step installation, AcoustiShield is a cost-effective solution for achieving superior sound absorption. AcoustiShield has been used as the sound solution in a variety of projects from airports and schools to restaurants and bars to home theatre and media rooms.

AcoustiShield is available in three different patterns round, square and rectangular perforations which allow for both design creativity and outstanding acoustic performance.