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Wakaflex lead-free flashing

Suitable for all roof profiles and types, Wakaflex is a new lead-free flashing solution that eliminates the environmental and water-harvesting concerns associated with lead products while allowing the integrity of the roof to be maintained. Its inert qualities mean that Wakaflex can be installed with most roofing materials and will not contaminate any harvested run-off. Being non-toxic, Wakaflex is also safer for installers.

With a malleability that provides a tight seal, Wakaflex is perfect for use in pitch transitions, step flashing, wall abutments and chimney flashings. It is excellent for quick and secure repairs and increases the weather-tightness of roofs by creating a sealed edge. Due to its integral butyl sealing strips, Wakaflex is lightweight and easy to install. It can be painted to match the surrounding materials.