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Alterm’s Termortar and Termparge termite barrier systems have been found waterproof by the CSIRO.

Alterm termite barrier systems

Two of Alterm’s chemical-free termite barrier systems have been waterproof tested and approved by the CSIRO for retaining walls to meet AS/NZS 2904:1995 damp-proof courses and flashings. Termortar is a product for brickwork and rendering and Termparge is a cement-based paint-on termite and waterproof coating.

Making the cement-based termite-proof systems waterproof means two jobs can be done in one application. This means savings in time and money for the builder. All Alterm products have CSIRO (TA316 & TA239) approvals. Alterm has been installed on over 60,000 projects in Australia and is currently being used in high-rise developments in Singapore, Brunei and Maldives.