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LPG cylinders can be stored underground using the EasyGas DownUnder system from ELGAS.

Easygas Downunder storage tanks

EasyGas DownUnder is a recent innovation in LPG storage and delivery by ELGAS that has made LPG a more enticing fuel option. It enables the storage of LPG cylinders underground – improving the aesthetics and safety of an LPG supply.

The advanced EasyGas system monitors LPG usage and schedules regular deliveries to ensure that gas never runs out. EasyGas trucks are equipped to meter the exact quantity of LPG supplied and issues an invoice on the spot.

Safety is paramount. Filling cylinders on site straight from the tanker is the safest way to deliver LPG. The EasyGas modern fleet of delivery tankers are subject to an unrivalled safety and compliance program.