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A first-flush system such as Superhead is the best way to effectively filter polluted water.

The Superhead first flush filter.

Superhead first flush filter

Bird droppings, dead animals, rotting leaves, dirt and salt are just some of the things that are washed from roofs and gutters and into rainwater tanks when it rains. This can cause problems like damaged pumps, blocked showers and sprinklers, water stains and dangerous bacteria breeding in the tank. Gutter guards and leaf screens stop the large debris but are less effective against pollution and bacteria collected by the rainwater.

The best way to effectively filter the polluted water is with a first-flush system. Australian Standards (HB 203-2006) recommends the use of a first-flush device to discard a minimum of 20 litres per 100 m² of roof area.

The Superhead was invented by architect Robert Cann (FRAIA) and is the only product that combines a first-flush filter, rain head, leaf screen and insect screen. The Superhead is self-cleaning, which means even the laziest greenies can keep their tanks clean and safe.