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Trend Xtreme bushfire protection windows and doors can withstand heat flux up to 40 kW/m².

Xtreme bushfire-resistant windows and doors

With Australia’s urban zones being pushed closer to bushfire-prone areas, the awareness and understanding of building loss through bushfire has taken a high priority with authorities and researchers.

Trend Windows & Doors in conjunction with the CSIRO has undertaken extensive research and development to advance the design of window and door systems to enable them to withstand the extreme heat of bushfires and falling cinders.

The Xtreme range of products are the first window and door systems in Australia designed to withstand heat flux up to 40 kW/m² without failure from either the glazing or the window system itself, thereby helping to prevent internal ignition of the house and loss of precious possessions.

Xtreme windows and doors also meet the new AS3959 requirements for Section 8 – Construction for Bushfire Attack Level 40 (BAL – 40), Radiant heat level 40 kW/m².