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The oval-shaped Bianco model is one of two new freestanding baths from Adesso.

Adesso Bianco freestanding bath

Adesso has launched a collection of contemporary freestanding baths featuring a classic oval shape and a linear, square-line model.

Both are made from sanitaryware-grade acrylic sheet and steel-reinforced rims ensuring maximum stability while exuding style, luxury and relaxation. The classic oval-shaped Bianco measures 1,750 mm in length and has a capacity of 216 litres. With its stylish lipped edge and optimal insulation, the oval Bianco is a bath that stays warmer longer.

The squareline Bianco model is also 1,750 mm long and has a 260-litre capacity. Made from similar materials to the oval design it too has excellent insulation properties – essential for a truly relaxing bath.