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Alutecnic retractable roofs by Viva Sunscreens were installed at the Pony Lounge and Dining.

Alutecnic retractable roofs

For Pony Lounge and Dining, the project brief was simple. The client wanted the ability to pre-book functions, parties and events regardless of weather and to enable guests to enjoy the rich and authentic experience of Sydney’s The Rocks without an enclosed feel.

Viva Sunscreens designed and engineered eight cantilevering support frames that housed three motorized Alutecnic retractable roofs and seven motorized Screentex external blind systems that retract discreetly into a concealed head box.

The structure and the Alutecnic roof offers both client and patrons a weatherproof enclosure that is wind rated and waterproof while providing a spacious feel in the venue’s outdoor areas.