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When not in use, the Centor S1E Eco.Screen retracts into its frame for an unobtrusive finish.

Insect mesh and solar control fabric options are available.

The Centor Service and Installation division offers comprehensive support.

The Eco-Screen can accommodate openings up to 7.6 metres.

The Eco-Screen’s solar control blind doubles as a projection screen.

Centor S1E Eco-Screen

This award-winning screening solution is a popular choice for controlling the home environment

Enabling seamless connections between inside and out is a popular objective in architectural design. But it presents architects with the challenge of mediating temperature control and sun protection. The Centor S1E Eco-Screen is an innovative retractable screening solution including screen and cloth that solves these challenges.

Now available in the United States, the Centor S1E Eco-Screen is the first and largest horizontal retractable screen/blind system to accommodate windows and doors up to 7.6 metres.

For those who love the outdoors, the S1E Eco-Screen promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle by offering chemical-free insect control and providing thermal insulation – it converts a single-glazed opening to double-glazed performance – and UV protection, which keeps rooms cool during the day and minimizes heating requirements at night. By reducing the need for cooling, it allows home owners to open windows and doors as needed, saving hundreds on utility bills while reducing CO2 emissions. Plus, for added environmental benefit, it is 80% recyclable.

The S1E Eco-Screen’s clever engineering ensures easy operation. Smooth and light fingertip control makes opening and closing the screen a breeze, even for small children. It is the ideal way to control the home environment, managing light, heat and insects and bringing the outdoors in. The S1E Eco-Screen is discreet too – it retracts when not in use to provide unobstructed views.

A range of versatile options means the S1E Eco-Screen can be customized for the home’s individual needs. It can be fitted with two fabric classes: insect mesh or solar (UV) control. When fitted with the solar control blind option, the S1E Eco-Screen doubles as a projection screen at night, perfect for showing a movie or sporting event from either inside or outside. The S1E Eco-Screen is the only screening product on the market to offer a two-in-one combination of fabric classes, offering a mix-and-match solution to suit any environment.

“The extended options available with the S1E means home owners are attracted to a range of lifestyle choices including insect protection with uninterrupted views and breezes, shade or winter warmth,” says Garry Stone, Centor’s general manager Asia Pacific. To complement its dynamic product range, Centor also offers complete service and installation through the Centor Service and Installation division.

The S1E Eco-screen has been attracting attention locally and abroad – it was awarded the best new product award in the doors category at this year’s Designex exhibition in Sydney, and was recently on show at the Fensterbau/Frontale trade fair in Nürnberg, Germany. “Our Australian design products are at the forefront of anything available in Europe, the UK or the United States, with architects and specifiers drawn to their innovation, quality and ease of use,” says Centor managing director Nigel Spork.