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The EFL540 streetlight from WE-EF can deliver energy savings of up to 30%.

EFL540 streetlight

Like all WE-EF luminaires, the just-released EFL540 is a high-quality light designed to perform in tough outdoor environments. It comes with a choice of compact fluorescent, high-pressure sodium and new-generation metal halide lamp options, and features WE-EF’s 5CE corrosion-protection system and an IP66 international protection rating.

The EFL540 can be fitted with WE-EF EcoDim, allowing you to dim a wide range of light sources from 100% to 50%, realizing a 30% energy saving. The light is a service dream as lamp and gear maintenance are tool free, making the EFL540 ideal for the illumination of streets, pathways, car parks and other public spaces.