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Highlite track lights are suitable for retail, museum, gallery, domestic and showroom applications.

Highlite track and spot lighting range

Attractive and compact, Beacon Lighting Commercial’s Highlite multicircuit light fittings provide excellent colour rendering while supplying high light output.

With the flexibility of narrow or wide beams, black, white and silver finishes, and 35 or 70 watts, the Highlight range can adapt to a range of designs. Long lamp life makes these fittings ideal for retail stores, museums, galleries, libraries, showrooms, exhibition areas and residential applications. The track lighting range also includes vertical floodlights available in wall washers and twin wall washers, as well as various accessories such as live and dead track ends and straight, 90°, three-way and cross-track joiners.

Comprising the energy-efficient metal halide (38° spot, 12° spot and vertical floodlight) and fluorescent (wall and twin wall washer) lamps and electronic control gear, the Highlite range provides a perfect low-energy and long-term lowcost lighting solution.