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Sitting above bonnet height, the Help Safe storage system increases storage space.

Mailsafe Help Safe storage solutions

Mailsafe Mailboxes is proud to introduce its new product range – Help Safe over-the-bonnet storage systems.

This all-aluminium product is designed to increase storage in unit car parks and garages where limited space is available, without restricting the room you need to park your car. As the compartment is raised off the ground, possessions are protected from fire, water, dust and vermin.

Help Safe is one of the commercial divisions of HELP Enterprises. Established in 1968, HELP Enterprises is a community-based, not-forprofit organization that exists to enhance the lifestyle of people with disabilities.

By ordering Help Safe and Mailsafe mailboxes, you are buying a quality Australian-made product and assisting in supporting the economic independence of people with disabilities through the operation of a commercially viable business.