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16 mm Polyair Ultra features inner reflective surfaces and multiple still air films.

The unique 9 mm inner core of Polyair Multi.

Polyair Ultra triple-layered thermal blanket

Polyair Ultra is the industry’s first triplelayered thermal blanket that achieves external and internal reflectance, thermal break performance, practical compliance and substantial cost savings in construction.

The 16 mm thick Polyair Ultra harnesses the technology of reflectivity and multiplies it by combining a series of independent still air films with three separate layers of double-sided high-grade reflective aluminium.

Polyair Ultra excels in laboratory testing for all mandatory Australian standards and Building Code of Australia certification benchmarks. Polyair products are endorsed by Eco Specifier and are engineered to comply with the ABGR and Green Star rating scheme and avoid the use of ozone-depleting substances in both manufacture and composition.