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April Showers installed the Wolfin waterproofing system in this townhouse complex.

Wolfin waterproofing systems

After a decade of water penetration problems at a 14-townhouse complex in Woollahra, the body corporate engaged Paul Rappaport of the Rapp Report to advise on the building’s problems.

Given the value of the units and the failure of previous waterproofing attempts, Rappaport recommended the Wolfin waterproofing system. Wolfin was chosen for its reliability, its record, and the availability of Wolfin staff to supervise works.

April Showers, licensed Wolfin applicator and builder, was awarded the contract. After waterproofing the roof and balconies, April replaced faulty cavity flashings using the Wolfinsteel profile system with Wolfin sheet membrane to ensure a cavity flashing was continuous and welded direct to the deck membrane, leaving no area unwaterproofed. After recent rains, the complex remained watertight for the first time in over ten years.