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The EasyGas DownUnder LPG storage solution houses the gas cylinder underground.

EasyGas DownUnder LPG storage

Whether for a new-build project or a renovation, EasyGas DownUnder is a new way to add a private domestic supply of LPG to any property. It includes easy installation and great safety features.

Exclusive to Elgas, the EasyGas DownUnder LPG storage solution houses the entire household LPG supply underground, with the only visible sign of the cylinder being a small access lid, which sits flush with the ground.

Every home owner recognizes the importance of finishing touches, which is why EasyGas DownUnder is a must-have for the discerning home renovator or builder. The cylinder is located close to the property boundary to facilitate hassle-free top-ups from the Elgas tanker, plus Elgas even monitors the household’s gas usage and schedules deliveries for the customer.