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Molecular and Blink fabrics from Ilias by Instyle.

Ilias textiles by Instyle Contract Textiles

On Closer Inspection is the latest series of textiles from Sydneybased designer Ilias Fotopoulos. Fotopoulos intentionally used the simplest geometric structures of dots and lines together with accidental events to create patterns that invite touch and observation. The three designs in the collection, Blink, Braille and Molecular, provide observers with tactile patterns that are experienced through three dimensionality. A collection of Ilias’s designs is part of the permanent collection at the National Design Museum in New York.

Molecular and Braille are CTA performance-rated for heavy-duty commercial use and Blink is CTA-rated for general commercial use. There are 24 coordinating bold, subtle and liquidmetal colourways in the collection.