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The Flooding & Insulation Technical Bulletin highlights ways to create a more flood resilient home.

Kooltherm insulation by Kingspan Insulation

While there are building codes for natural hazards such as bushfires, earthquakes and cyclones, there is currently no Australian standard for building in flood prone areas. The result is that flooding is often neglected as a design consideration for houses and the majority of contemporary houses are highly vulnerable to component damage and severe structural failure when exposed to floodwaters.

Kingspan Insulation has released a technical bulletin highlighting some ways to improve the flood-resilience of a building when it comes to selecting the right type of insulation material.

Wall insulation material selection should be considered amongst the highest of priorities for the lower storey of a building. Product characteristics such as non-absorbance and shape integrity once wet should be key selection criteria. Among materials that are highly recommended are closed-cell solid insulations.

Kingspan Insulation‘s Kooltherm® range falls into this recommended category. In addition, Kingspan Air-Cell Permifloor® is a perforated, closed-cell, reflective foil insulation solution designed specifically to drain water under suspended floors.

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